Bounty Hunters

Created by Mark Powell

Send the no good outlaws to jail and collect $52 before the other players do and you might just have a shot at owning 'Wild Ned'. Click on the game below to preorder your copy now at a reduced price!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

The Sample video! 'Gameland' have manufactured this incredibly!
11 days ago – Wed, Nov 17, 2021 at 01:30:41 PM

Sneak peek at the entire game (minus the stickers - which are still drying off) and the quality is superb.

The colours , the detail... everything. 

I am so glad I took the extra time after the campaign ended to remaster every card... It has made the image quality so much better. 

Next update will be when this exact box arrives at my house and I can take you through it in person!  

Confirmations, bumps and boxes.
17 days ago – Fri, Nov 12, 2021 at 03:02:51 AM

Here we go!

Today I received the files back from the manufacturer after their design process and typefacing procedures. I was able to confirm that all the files are exactly what I wanted and They will be being made into a physical, real game, right now, as I type!

I will then be sent a video of the game fresh from the machines, exploring it, and the components inside. Which I will share with you all here!

That First prototype will be sent to my house here in England directly, where I will inspect it for material, cut lines and printing quality to make sure it's everything you pledged for! When I am happy, I can give the go ahead for the entire print run to be started!

Have a look at the new box design to wet your appetite! 

First bump in the road and the steamroller used to flatten it. 

It's official, Trademark52 Games has encountered its first genuine problem. But fear not, it is already solved. 

The Importing of the shipment to the UK was quoted as DDP shipping. Which means the fess are sorted and all encompassed. Unfortunately the company used by the manufacturer to accept the delivery is no longer accepting imports. So I was given the task of arranging my own import for the goods. 

This meant that my own self employed business status was not suitable and I would have to seek a third party for their services, Spiral Galaxy Games stepped up and will be handling the import of the game.  This has added a whopping 20% tax bill for the pleasure of importing into the UK. 

I'll admit, that stung. We're not talking about small amounts of money here, but With the manufacture and shipping covered (That's what the Kickstarter was for) It simply means that I will personally invest more into the project to cover this new expense.  

Luckily, I planned ahead and ordered the manufacture of over 1000 units. This allows every single backer to get their game as promised... but it also allows me to sell copies of the game and begin to earn back the money I spent on the Artist, the advertising and now the 20% tax bill. 

Rest assured, Every single kickstarter backer will have their copy sent out before even one private sale is sent. YOU GUYS made this all happen and you will all remain my priority.      

For now, that's it! Expect a video to land soon of the final game fresh from the manufacturers factory. Until then, as always, I cant wait for you all to own your own little deck of criminals.


We are on the way!
26 days ago – Wed, Nov 03, 2021 at 04:27:03 AM

It's 1:12am on Wednesday 3rd of November and I have officially sent the files over to the manufacturer!!

So, for the past few weeks I have been working tirelessly on the game. The artwork has all been drawn up, edited, remastered, finalised and added to each card. They ALL look amazing! 

The people who decided to back the game as well as BE IN IT are all phenomenal cards and I'm so happy I chose to add that option to the Kickstarter. Not only is the game better because of them but they are genuinely fantastic people.    

Every single card in the game has been remade from the ground up at the best possible quality, this gave me the opportunity to tweak EVERYTHING... 

The subtle angle of the bounty papers? perfect. 

The exact look of the town buildings? nailed!

The position (to the millimetre) of each criminal in their card? you better believe i got that spot on!

... I also went back over every crime, rewrote some, edited others and giggled to myself at the rest.

I even managed to add MORE content to the game!! (crazy, I know)but now each one of the 'town cards' has a reverse side! With all different wonderful things on! (you'll have to wait and see those!) 

What happens now? 

Well The manufacturers will make a prototype for me,  to ensure everything is hunky-dory. When I give the green light we can then go in to full on production! The shipment then travels the ocean, lands on the shores of England and arrives at my house where my wife and I will be eagerly waiting to package up every game and send them out!

95% of all the backers have responded to the Backerkit emails. Thank you! these are essential for shipping as they let me know where you live... so please check your inboxes if you are one of the 5%! 

For now, I really have to go to bed! 

All the delightful news will be coming soon. 


Check your emails and check out the new BONUS!
about 2 months ago – Mon, Oct 04, 2021 at 11:39:29 PM

The pledge manager surveys will arrive today!

Kickstarter have been very efficient with their side of things so today I will be sending out the Backerkit surveys a week earlier than expected. The survey will ask for your shipping details so I can send you your rewards.  So please check your inboxes and junk folders because this is a vital step in the process!


Talks with the Manufacturer are frequent, I am constantly getting updates on figures and quotes from them, templates and bleed lines, kiss cuts and colours... and I expect to be sending over the deposit for manufacturing the day I receive funds from KS.  


We didn't reach the final stretch goal, its true. Which means the final upgraded Bounty Hunter cards were destined to never be... UNTIL NOW!

I love this game. I want to make it the best it can possibly be for all of you. I am going to finance the additional cost of this last upgrade myself, because, well, you all deserve it!

That's it right? surely there's nothing else... NO!! OF COURSE THERE'S MORE!!

I'm also going to add an extra criminal to each gang! making each gang 10 criminals plus a leader! and the townsfolk will have a surprise criminal added to them... one that you will all just have to wait to see (and believe!).

For now, that's it...

I had a wonderful break away with my son, thank you to all those that wished us well! 

I was even approached in regards to me creating a new board game! but don't worry, whilst my excitement over a new career as a board game publisher is real, I am giving you, my first ever backers, my undivided attention.

And as always, I cant wait for you to have your own little deck of criminals! 


Bounty Hunters!
2 months ago – Mon, Sep 27, 2021 at 11:49:00 AM

What happens now?

I am currently being bombarded with emails and communications from all those involved! very exciting and lots of information to process. 

Kickstarter are managing the money side of things, they will email you to let you know when your pledge has been received,  when all 267 backers have been processed they will then send me the funding and I can pay the manufacturer to begin the process! 

I will keep you all updated every step of the way. 

For now though, I will be extremely busy working on your games. I'm allowing myself time to celebrate (and relax!) after a huge month in my house! My wonderful son hasn't had nearly enough of my attention for the past 30 days so I'm going to take him away for some father son time this coming week (and also give my wife a chance to relax too!) 

I'll update everyone in a week or so to let you know when the backerkit Pledge manager will open (this is where we will collect shipping addresses).  

Thank you to Mary

Thank you to EB

Thank you to Pat

Thank you to every single backer!